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What is it?

Normatone is a natural supplement designed to help regulate blood pressure. Already after the first dose of the drug, you can feel a noticeable relief in your health. The active ingredients in its composition strengthen the heart muscle, increase the elasticity and protection of the walls of blood vessels, thereby improving blood flow. The correct functioning of all internal organs is stabilized, the immune system is strengthened, energy is increased, and frequent jumps in blood pressure disappear. According to the results of a clinical trial, people who took Normatone noted the normalization of cardiac activity in 95% of cases, and in 100% – general well-being improved, blood sugar decreased, energy appeared, the main symptoms of hypertension disappeared (headache, irritability, sweating, weakness), significantly reduced the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Normatone - Information
Product name Normatone
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Structure 100% natural
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  • Garlic extract - reduces the level of so-called bad cholesterol, regulates blood and urine sugar levels, fights inflammation, speeds up metabolic processes in the body, increases the rate of regeneration of damaged tissues.
  • Hawthorn extract - has a beneficial effect on the condition of the heart and blood vessels, prevents the appearance of blood stasis and blood clots, normalizes heart rate, strengthens the nervous system, helps to more effectively resist stress factors.
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How to use?

The drug should be taken 1 capsule 2 times a day during a direct meal. It is recommended to drink it with a glass of non-carbonated drinking water, you should avoid the use of alcoholic and caffeinated drinks. The duration of the course of admission is from 15 calendar days, if necessary and depending on the individual condition, it can be extended in accordance with the instructions placed by the manufacturer in the package with the drug. It is recommended to combine with other drugs intended for the treatment of hypertension after prior consultation with your doctor.
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How does it work?

Normatone has a more favorable effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, due to which all internal organs begin to receive the oxygen and micronutrients they need in sufficient quantities. Active ingredients strengthen the heart muscle, help stabilize heart contractions, increase the tone of the walls of blood vessels, and improve blood flow. At the same time, they prevent the appearance of blood clots and the blockage of blood channels by cholesterol plaques, normalize sugar levels, and speed up metabolism. At the same time, the nervous system is restored, which contributes to the normalization of the psycho-emotional state, getting rid of insomnia and apathy, and sudden mood swings. Normatone in the next few hours after the first application stabilizes blood pressure, relieves the constant feeling of fatigue, prevents the occurrence of diseases such as stroke or heart attack.

Indications for use

The drug should be used at the first signs of a possible occurrence of hypertension: dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, blackout in the eyes, weakening of a persons cognitive abilities (memory, attention), excessive sweating, numbness of the fingers, cold hands and feet, apathy, insomnia, irritability , sudden jumps in blood pressure.


The drug should be taken with caution in children under 18 years of age, pregnant women, breast-feeding mothers and only after prior consultation with the attending physician, since no separate clinical trials have been conducted on this group of individuals. Those who may experience allergic reactions to individual components that make up this product, as well as those suffering from chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, are advised to limit the use of the drug.

Expert review

Normatone is the result of many years of work by leading Philippine experts who decided to create a drug that helps to significantly improve the condition of the heart and blood vessels. Thanks to the balanced composition, which includes only natural ingredients that are safe for human health, it is possible to stabilize blood pressure indicators, bringing them closer to normal in a noticeably short time. At the same time, it helps to avoid the appearance of side effects, which makes this product attractive to recommend to all my patients.

Customer Reviews

I have a predisposition to hypertension. All my grandmothers suffered from it, now my mother has it. When I began to have headaches, I did not delay with the problem. I bought this remedy and drank the full course. It became much better, there were no more signs of hypertension, which is very pleasing.

Thanks a lot! It helped very well, I use a tonometer very rarely - such a need has simply disappeared!

Thank you, this tool did the trick!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Normatone is a scam?

No, this is not a scam. We have checked this product and it meets all quality standards.

Are there any negative reviews of Normatone?

No, we could not find negative reviews on this product.

Can I buy this at a pharmacy?

No, pharmacies do not sell this product.