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What is it?

Proherbarium is a natural and safe detoxifier. It is designed to effectively combat various types of parasites. You can get infected with viruses, bacteria, fungi or helminths virtually anywhere. Their carriers can be people, pets, they are able to survive on unwashed fruits and vegetables, in meat, for a long time to survive on the surface of door handles or on money. Weakened immunity is not able to adequately resist their negative effects, which is why parasites become a source of many diseases. Proherbarium helps not only to get rid of various microorganisms, helminths and fungi in the shortest possible time, to restore the tissues of internal organs damaged by it, but also to significantly increase the protection of the body, which helps to avoid re-infection.

Proherbarium - Information
Product name Proherbarium
Official site
Country of sale of goods Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa
Availability in pharmacies Not available
Delivery speed 4-7 days
Payment Cash or card on delivery
Availability on the official website In stock
Structure 100% natural
Customer Reviews Positive


  • Yarrow extract - fights parasites at all stages of their development, helps to quickly and safely remove them from the body.
  • Caucasus extract - relieves inflammation, restores proper blood circulation, increases the rate of regeneration of all internal body systems, weakened by the negative effects of parasites.
  • Clove extract - strengthens the immune system, normalizes digestion, enhances intestinal motility, improves its microflora.
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How to use?

The drug is recommended to take 1 capsule 1 time per day after meals with a sufficient amount of non-carbonated drinking water. The duration of the course of admission depends on the individual characteristics of the person and the degree of infection with parasites and ranges from 30 calendar days. If necessary, it can be extended or repeated in accordance with the instructions placed by the manufacturer in the package with this product.
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How does it work?

Proherbarium simultaneously fights various types of bacteria, viruses, fungi and helminths, destroying their cellular structures and preventing them from multiplying, removing inflammation caused by the vital activity of parasites, restoring damaged tissues and strengthening protection against re-infection. The drug has a beneficial effect on the state of the heart, blood vessels, normalizes blood flow, increases the production of digestive enzymes, enhances the work of the intestines, improves its microflora. This helps in a short time to get rid of parasites in a natural way, speed up metabolism, which has a good effect on the functioning of the whole organism as a whole.

Indications for use

The drug should be taken when the main signs of infection with parasites appear: headaches, dizziness, fatigue, pallor of the skin, swelling, allergic reactions (itching, redness, burning), digestive disorders, excessive hunger, nausea, predisposition to respiratory diseases, insomnia , lethargy, anxiety, muscle and joint pain.


The drug is not recommended for children under 18 years of age, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers without prior consultation with a specialist. Persons suffering from allergic reactions to the individual components of this drug should not use it.

Expert review

According to statistics, every 5th inhabitant of the planet is infected with parasites. Moreover, the vast majority of people are unaware of their presence in their body, writing off fatigue and headaches, increased appetite for stress or fatigue at work. This can very often lead to exacerbation of chronic diseases or the development of new ones. Therefore, it is not worth postponing treatment. But you should also remember that the parasite control agent must be safe, clinically tested and proven to be highly effective. Under these parameters, Proherbarium is perfect. It has repeatedly shown itself well in practice, has a balanced composition of well-known medicinal plants and does not cause side effects. That is why I recommend using it both as a means to get rid of parasites and to prevent their possible appearance.

Customer Reviews

Probably, only in childhood she was so energetic and light. I thought that I was constantly tired because of my age. But it turned out that it was only necessary to thoroughly clean your body. And thats it, now Im young and active again. I dont even recognize myself sometimes.

The skin is now so clean, without acne and redness, it has stopped peeling! Yes, and the hair began to grow faster, and the nails are strong. Solid benefits from these capsules.

And Ive been using it for a long time. As I bought it for the first time, and it helped me, I definitely buy it every six months. I am going through a full course to strengthen the immune system. And it stopped hurting completely. At work, everyone goes with a runny nose and a temperature, they go to the hospital, but I feel great, I’m counting on another bonus. So I advise everyone, Im sure everyone needs to take this remedy.


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Packing quality 4.8
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Delivery speed 4.2
Specifications 4.4
Structure 4.6
Efficiency 4.8
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Frequently Asked Questions

Proherbarium is a scam?

No, this is not a scam. We have checked this product and it meets all quality standards.

Are there any negative reviews of Proherbarium?

No, we could not find negative reviews on this product.

Can I buy this at a pharmacy?

No, pharmacies do not sell this product.